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Found a typo? Formatting mistake? Have a question, comment, want to share your cat’s latest exploits?

Or maybe you want to participate in my blog and share something with the world? If so, there are two prompts available, one is about self-development and another, cultural criticism:

  • It’s human to struggle. Yet we rarely share about it. Whether personal or professional, what are some major challenges that you’ve faced in your life? And how have you worked to overcome them? (Please respond in whatever length and form you’d like.)
  • All art expresses its time. Again, it’s human. Disregarding genre and popularity, what music releases best capture the cultural zeitgeist of its (of our) time? Consider the historical, political, social, and spiritual contexts. (Please respond with a 5-7 sentence blurb. Consider why your selections matter to you and why they should matter to others.)

Whatever you have in mind, you can reach me by using the form below.

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