Whoever you are, Thank you for visiting. Of course, a proper greeting should go both ways, but I’ll get us started for now.

My name is Todd. I’m a curious biped with questionable posture who makes things.

I like words.

My writings about the arts have appeared in publications such as A Closer ListenFluid RadioOly Arts, PopMatters, and Tiny Mix Tapes. And my common interest writings have appeared in publications like Washington Hospitality Association and ThurstonTalk.

I like images.

I spent two decades taking analog photos of industrial textures. Many of these photos were captured by cross-processing multi-exposed film. Consumer technology, in the form of Hipstamatic photography using a cheap iPhone, is my current focus. Although the theme remains industrial, it focuses more broadly on urban iconography.

I like sounds.

I occasionally make music. Besides my field recording-infused, spoken word folk project WiseBlood (I realise that several bands now share this name), I’ve made other left-field music in the ambient, drone, noise, electroacoustic improvisation persuasions. I’m currently working on a sample-driven music project which will repurpose iconic recordings from the 20th century.

And I like curating things.

In addition to sharing these creative projects, I’ll be hosting a multimedia blog. As expected, one side will cover going-ons in my life. Another side will celebrate a sense of wonder for life as a whole. Covering subjects from astronomy to zoology, the blog will mix photos of little-known scientists beside early Hollywood stars, literary quotes beside YouTube videos.

Lastly, since there can be no community without connectivity, I’ll be creating an interactive hub on the blog where people can mingle. There are currently two blog prompts for those who wish to participate, one is about self-development and another, cultural criticism:

  • It’s human to struggle. Yet we rarely share about it. Whether personal or professional, what are some major challenges that you’ve faced in your life? And how have you overcome them? (Please respond in whatever length and form you’d like.)
  • All art expresses its time. Again, it’s human. Disregarding genre and popularity, what music releases best capture the cultural zeitgeist of its (of our) time? Consider the historical, political, social, and spiritual contexts. (Please respond with a 5-7 sentence blurb. Consider why your selections matter to you and why they should matter to others.)

[For those who wish to share responses to these prompts, please contact me directly, for now, at grueltoddbalive at gmail dot com. I will happily provide editorial assistance before publishing your responses.]

Once more, thank you for visiting. It’s your turn now to introduce yourself.

Oh, and please be patient as I develop this site—”Toto, I’ve a feeling we’re not in Kansas anymore.”



Every beginning involves a step forward. Sometimes, a leap.