Fábio Caramuru, Pianist and composer

In 2017, while finishing the recording of my album ‘EcoMúsica | Aves’, dedicated to some birds of Japan, I realized that I’d like to make clear to my audience the concept of this unconventional musical work, which took birds’ sounds as material for my piano compositions and performances.

Previously, Todd had already written a very nice review for another album of mine, released by Japanese Label Flau, and I realized that his poetic and sensitive writing style would fit perfectly to my purpose.

I must say that it was the right decision to count on him for this job, which he accepted promptly with a lot of enthusiasm. Todd is a curious and refined writer. He searches for all kinds of details, so, before writing, he interviewed me patiently several times, obtaining an impressive amount of information about my history, my background as an artist and as a human being.

For each one of the 20 tracks of the album, Todd created several precious and unexpected word images, using his rich imagination as well as a wide repertoire in several fields, always describing precisely the “soul” of each music. His amazing text is a valuable addition to everyone who reads it while listening to my music.

Congrats, Todd!

Fábio Caramuru