Wendelin Büchler, Owner of Corvo Records

I am very happy to have had the chance to work with Todd B. Gruel in March 2018 creating a label portrait of Corvo Records, a label which I own. 

Mixing the genres of interview, record review and feature, he was able to give the reader a profound inside view of what the label’s main goals and creative agenda. His interest in researching the biographic information and social details of our label’s connection with the music/art scene in Berlin, where we operate from, as well as his patience with inquiring into these details made the cooperation with him very professional and at the same time also greatly entertaining.

Todd stands out in the mass of music business and music journalism, where, in my experience, unfortunately, people’s patience and curiosity with art which defies conventions often is lacking.

I really hope that we at Corvo Records can work in the future with Todd again!

Wendelin Büchler