Audrey Chen, Musician

Todd contacted me in early 2018 with interest in an album I released in late 2017. He was interested in exploring my work further in hopes of doing an in-depth interview about my process and music. The project ended up spanning most of 2018, which included reviews of the 2017 album Rough Tongue with my duo Beam Splitter, released on Corvo Records and my 2018 solo release Runt Vigor on Karl Records. 

But far beyond these record reviews, Todd was decidedly committed to more extensively exploring my other music, my experiences and motivations which have led me to be making my own peculiar sonic language. I was very impressed with his thoughtful approach and care that he took while trying to capture my sentiments and intentions. The end result was a beautifully written interview. 

I find so often that writers/reviewers/critics don’t care about my motivations or even bother to ask what it is they’re actually listening to. As a result, they often get a lot of facts wrong. I was really grateful to Todd for taking so much time to comprehend me through my work and also through speaking together. This final part of the process was very important for me to be able to convey and explain so much of what lies behind all the sounds. 

My narrative is clear to me. I am grateful to him for considering this part of my voice and for digging deep into both my story and his own experiences with my work, these extremely personal and vivid sonic reflections of my life.

audrey chen