Joshua Stefane, Co-founder of Muzan Editions

In May 2018, Todd published a very thoughtful, flattering, and in-depth label review of Muzan Editions on A Closer Listen. As a relatively new label, we had been lucky enough for a few of our tapes to get picked up by reviewers, but Todd’s piece went much further, offering a comprehensive overview of label as a whole, its background, and its guiding aesthetic and musical principles.

In preparation for the article, Todd contacted me and we corresponded several times. After answering some more general questions about the label, our discussion deepened, touching on issues of philosophy, cassette culture, and the influence and meaning of place and nature. I was immediately impressed by the passion with which Todd dedicated himself to the project. As our conversation moved forward, I was surprised and delighted at how Todd was able to tease out thoughts and motivations about our label that I had never really been conscious of, or had not articulated, until then.

When the article was published, our whole team was tremendously flattered by the detailed attention Todd had given to our label. In addition to his overview of Muzan, he reviewed each of the releases in our catalogue individually, providing multiple levels of insight to the reader. We couldn’t have hoped for a better introduction to our label and the artists we work with than Todd’s article and are grateful for the time and craft that he dedicated to our small project.

Joshua Stefane