Bryan Willis, Playwright-in-Residence

There are so many writers who are unencumbered with talent or imagination – most of them are far more interested in lobbying for the next “Genius Award” from The Stranger. Todd’s interview with me for Thurston Talk was an actual *Exchange* and I always find inspiration in being around talented colleagues who flat out love to write.

I have followed Todd’s online work for several years and have been consistently impressed with his style, topic choices, and journalistic integrity. His keen intellect and sense of responsibility are important tools which will serve him throughout his career. Todd takes the time and the care to get it right.

Whatever he is up to next, whether applying for graduate school or for a copywriting job or for a gig at a local newspaper, he’s bound to make a difference. I endorse Todd wholeheartedly.

With All Best Wishes,

Bryan Willis
Northwest Playwrights Alliance
@ Seattle Repertory Theatre